清华大学互联网治理研究中心(Center for Internet Governance , Tsinghua University ,THUCIG)为全球学术研究者、政策制定者和行业实践者等协同治理多元主体搭建知识平台,促进中外互联网治理的研究创新和政策实践。

The Center for Internet Governance , Tsinghua University (THUCIG) will serve as a common knowledge platform for IG multiple stakeholders including researchers, policy-makers and private sectors, facilitating the innovation and implementation of IG research.

研究中心将切实发挥连接中外的桥梁作用,构建互联网治理全球学术网络,积极打造对话交流学术平台,在尊重历史和文化多样性导致的治理模式差异前提下,积极倡导和推动国际合作,共同建立治理互联网(Internet of Governance。中心联合多元主体就互联网生态治理和文化多样性、互联网基础资源和基础设施、网络服务质量与可持续发展、互联网数据治理与网络安全、第四次工业革命与数字化转型、互联网与公共治理、互联网技术发展与伦理等方面开展研究。

With inclusive spirit towards the diversity caused by historical and cultural difference, THUCIG will not only build up a bridge between China and the world to promote extensive communications, but also promote to establish an Internet of Governance (IoG) for advocating IG cooperation across the globe. THUCIG will work hand-in-hand with other stakeholders and carry out its study on the Internet ecological governance and cultural diversity, Internet critical resources and information infrastructure, quality of network services and sustainable development, Internet data governance and cyber security, the fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation, Internet and public governance, Internet technology development and ethics and etc.


中心使命 Mission


To build knowledge platforms for multiple stakeholders in collaborative governance and promote continuous innovation on Internet governance policy-making.


机构设置    Structure






Adjunct Prof. Xiaodong LEE and Prof. Qingguo MENG





Advisory Committee

Composed by global dominant experts in Internet Governanceand co-Chaired by Dr. Vinton CERF, co-inventor of Internet and Dr. Hongren Zhou.





Academic Committee:

Chaired by prof. Lan XUE, former Dean of School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University.